With Your Support, 75 Students Graduate in India

A spirit of celebration fills the air
A spirit of celebration fills the air

Congratulations to the 75 graduates of the Indian partner school we support through your generosity! The graduates’ ministries are vast and much needed, including:

  • Children’s and youth ministry;
  • Evangelism among tribal Muslims in refugee camps;
  • Community development and literacy;
  • Working in orphanages;
  • Serving as pastors and church planters;
  • Missions work;
  • Teaching and establishing schools and Bible colleges;
  • Training pastors;
  • Ministering to pastors’ wives and marginalized women in need; and
  • Spreading the Gospel through multimedia, Bible translation and writing.

We celebrate with South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) on this great news! Just as Jesus sent His disciples into the world to serve Him, SAIACS has been training and sending people in the world for the same purpose for more than 30 years.

Ivor Poobalan, Principal of a Overseas Council partner school in Sri Lanka, delivered a sermon entitled “Shaping Our Mission in the Mission of Jesus.” He challenged the graduates, saying, “Until we appreciate how the Father sent His Son, we don’t understand how the Son sends us.” He said Jesus’ decision to leave His position and come to this earth for His vocation should shape our perspective of ourselves.

Bishop C.V. Mathew challenged the graduates to follow Christ faithfully. He also warned them of the temptations that they may face in the ministry. His words “come and serve” encouraged the graduates to serve God with skillful hands and with integrity of heart.

One of the graduates described his school journey on Facebook, saying, “The apprehensions, the worries, the fears, the aims, the ambitions, the tentativeness…we’ve come a long way since!!! All because of His amazing grace!!!” Another graduating student described his experience in only two words, “AMAZING GRACE.” Even now, relying on God’s grace, they are stepping into their ministries, hoping that God will bring to completion what He has started.

SAIACS has trained them well and equipped them with the tools necessary to serve the Lord in a better way. Wherever they go, they will be carrying the aroma of Christ to those sitting in the pews as well as to those sitting in the darkness. The prayer of SAIACS is that they may know Him and make known who gave up His life on the cross for our sins.

Go and serve Him well, graduates!

You can support students at SAIACS and other Overseas Council partner schools through scholarships. Open doors for the world’s next generation of church leaders through a scholarship today! 


“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

                                               John 20:21b