William Shares the Good News with His Guatamalan Community

William Quiñónez , Bachelor of Theology graduate from Central American Theological Seminary


God is good! I have been blessed to serve the New Jerusalem Church as youth pastor for nearly 10 years now. I know it sounds unbelievable, but about 70% of our church members are under the age of 30. I have ministered to over 200 young people while serving as youth pastor. These young people are awesome! Our youth group regularly participates in church-organized outreach programs and activities geared to minister to our community and local schools. It’s great to see them working for the Lord!

In 2007, through an alliance with local businesses and government agencies, the church opened a community center. Like many parts of the world, there is much poverty, crime and drugs in our area. The purpose of the center is to provide vocational training to children, youth and adults. Our goal is to offer an alternative lifestyle that keeps young people out of gangs, delinquency and drugs.

In addition to my work as youth pastor, a truly life-changing experience has been to serve as chaplain in a local high security prison for gang members. Direct contact with the inmates is not allowed, so I minister to them through a wire mesh opening above their jail cells. On a recent visit to the jail, the mother of an inmate was visiting as well. The inmate introduced me to his mother and said, ‘Mom, I want you to meet Pastor William. He is helping me to change.’ Praise the Lord! It is not me but Christ who lives in me who is reaching these souls for His Kingdom!


“I am thankful to God and CATS for giving me the theological, biblical and administrative tools that allow me to develop these ministries.” 

                                – William