Valery Combats Cancer While Building Disciples for Christ in Asia.

The story of Kuban’ Evangelical Christian University student Valery Rogach is an amazing journey in which not only he, but his family were called to serve the Lord. Through the toughest of odds, he and his wife leaned into Jesus for strength. In situations where faith could have faltered, Valary and his wife persevered in faith and have begun leaving a Christian legacy for their children and community.

“I was involved in my church’s ministry, but in 2000, immediately after my wedding I was invited to go to North Osetia as a missionary. I was expecting something like this from the Lord, that’s why it did not take my wife and myself long to decide to move to Vladikavkaz where we spent the first three years of our married life.”Valery Rogach 2

“Almost immediately after I came to know the Lord, I realized I needed some training. First, in 1994, I took a correspondence Bible course in New Life school. Later, I took various Bible courses, like in Spiritual Revival Association (Moscow, Russia) missions program (Project-250). This training made a huge impact on my life and walk with the Lord.”

“I have three children, so my budget is limited. In addition to that, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I have recently had a tumor removal surgery, but that was an unexpected and considerable expense. Without the scholarship, I will not be able to afford to complete my training.”

“I think that one can influence others first of all, through his personal walk with the Lord, because this is contagious. In terms of my ministry, my first and foremost task is to disciple faithful dedicated leaders, like Jesus and His Apostles did. One of my favorite Bible verses, 2 Tim 2:2 calls us to training leaders.”

Your gift has allowed the fire to continue to burn for students like Valery who are called by the word of God, trained in scripture, and seek to multiply His kingdom.