Tassadit Teaches Others God’s Life-Changing Word

Tassadit, Master of Divinity student at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

My relationship with Christ started when I was very young. At the age of 12, something beautiful happened.
One night as I was sound asleep, a bright and magnificent light appeared to me. It was not an ordinary light. There was something different about its splendor. The most incredible part about this light was that Jesus appeared in the midst of it! That dream truly transformed me. I started faithfully attending church and praying more. Over time, I genuinely fell in love with Jesus. I had normal ups and downs through my teen years but always had the assurance Jesus would never forsake me.

Several years after my dream, I began feeling the Lord calling me to be a missionary. He led me to ABTS where I am studying for my Master of Divinity degree. My first year there stretched me in many ways. Being from Algeria, I only knew one language, French. I started my studies at ABTS not being able to communicate with anyone. It has been miraculous how the Lord has helped me to quickly pick up the local language!

Since being at ABTS, I have been actively involved in the Women’s Missionary Society. My main role is witnessing to and working with local homeless children. I pray earnestly that one day God will find a center for these children where they can live and learn more about Him. After completing my degree, I plan to study for my doctorate. One of my dreams is to work among university students as a missionary and professor. I thank God for ABTS and how this experience has been life-changing.


“Attending ABTS has been a life-changing experience for me. God is using it to show me who I really am, and with His help, who I can become.”

                                – Tassadit