Update: Russian youth ministry projects completed successfully, many were reached

In the June 2008 eNewsletter, OC shared how partner school St. Petersburg Christian University (SPCU) in Russia was on the forefront of social ministry, specifically their efforts with youth and children. Here is an update on their recent youth events and children’s camps.

One group of SPCU students planned to travel to Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia in eastern Russia, to organize an eight-day service/worship camp for teenagers. Because of unsafe conditions in the building where the team wanted to make their camp, it was cancelled. However, they held several evening youth gatherings in Mohsogolloh, a nearby city. Activities included a cinema-café, paper party, panel game, “black-and-white cinema” and a picnic. The team particularly prayed for a young group of men to attend the gatherings, and their “leader,” a local criminal named Vitaliy, “attended every evening meeting and was the most active among others.”

This group also arranged a church-based children’s camp in Mohsogolloh with 10-17 children attending daily. Each camp day had its own name, including “The day of full combat readiness,” “The main enemy” and “The winner.” Activities included worship, interesting assignments, games and Bible lessons. The team says they are thankful to God for this trip and pray that all the youth and children were touched by what they saw and heard.

Another team of SPCU students traveled to Tajikistan to partner with Christian organizations there and provide short-term youth camps, complete with bible lessons, activities and fellowship. Tajikistan believers comprise less than .01% of the population. More than 150 children and youth attended the camp and learned about Jesus. The team received many thanks for their assistance in providing the Christian camps and for training Sunday school teachers while there. SPCU has now reached a tentative agreement on the organization of distance learning programs for leaders of Tajikistan churches and Christian organizations.