School President Grateful for Student Growth

The Overseas Council’s Indianapolis staff recently received a visit from Trivelious Institute President, Tony Lelav, who took time from his visit to Chicago area churches and ministries to share his views on Overseas Council and the lasting legacy that we have had on his students.Tony Lelav Framed

“Over the years, Overseas Council has been a vehicle to help local schools achieve greater goals. It is a lot more difficult for local schools to get funding for big causes and Overseas Council, over the years, has been able to help.”

Your gifts have enabled the growing Bulgarian community to complete a much needed project for Tony’s seminary in Bulgaria. Accompanied by a matching grant with generous donor, Trivelious Institute assembled a fully functional computer lab which gave students the ability to communicate via the internet, enhance their study efforts with more diverse sources, develop more intensive thesis work, and utilize bible software to boost their educational experience.

“That was a huge advancement! We were probably the only school in the country to get such a good computer lab.”

Donations further funded the development of a student library for Trivelious Institute, which provided space for even greater opportunities in educational and spiritual growth.

We ask for your continued prayers and support for Tony

and many others in his community who are

called by the word of God, seek to be trained in His word, and work to multiply His Kingdom.