Reaping the Harvest in Central African Republic

A growing number of women connected to Faculté De Théologie Évangelique De Bangui (FATEB) are impacting their fellow African citizens in myriad ways.  Two such women are Gertrude and Blanche.  Blanche graduated five years ago with a Master’s of Theology, while Gertrude is a current student.

Blanche works in a Baptist church giving theological and biblical training to men and women via the evangelism, church life and mission divisions.  She also coordinates seven – you read that right, SEVEN, other departments.  As if that isn’t enough, she teaches in the FATEB Women’s School and is also the founder of a national NGO working in three towns that cares for widows and children of deceased pastors.

With her husband who is a military Chaplain, Blanche organizes prayer sessions for soldiers, their families and for the nation.

Blanche is most pleased that the teaching she provides “helps to correct theological practices and errors and puts the Bible at the center of peoples’ lives.”  She seeks to cultivate what she calls “a complete commitment to God from people, and the development of God’s mission in all aspects of their lives.”  As a result, she has observed improvements in the conditions of the widows and orphans under her tutelage.  “That work,” she says, “brings freedom.”

She is also developing new pastoral counseling tools in order to better follow up with people.

Back on campus, Gertrude sees what alumni like Blanche have achieved and that motivates her to continue to grow in everyday life as well as her faith.  She’s learned how to be more self-sufficient and says her understanding of God has changed because of her studies.  She’s “noticed a change in my manner, the way I consider people, the way I listen to people and how I address them.”

Her plan for ministry is to teach the Word of God to young girls.

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