Reaching the Embattled Through His Love

In a country struggling to recover from nearly five years of war for independence, one Christian leader has devoted her ministry to serving impoverished communities of Croatia. Edita Plascak has devoted her time to delivering donations and other basic needs to those seeking to survive the country’s ailing economy.

“I try my best to visit as many families as possible,” she said. Although her ministry focuses on humanitarian aid, Edita also responds to their spiritual needs through Christian counseling that draws those she serves closer to God. “So many people we serve need someone to present the hope of Christ when listening to them,” she shared. “Every person needs someone to listen to their story, no matter their situation nor the size of their problem.”

As a country working through post-war crisis, Croatian communities battle more than sin and a lack of repentance. Among the impoverished young families with children, Edita found that their limited knowledge of scripture often makes their circumstances feel more dire. Utilizing her training from Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS), Edita works with other church leaders to teach the value of learning, studying, and using scripture in everyday life. “The people I serve are struggling, but little by little I am seeing them gain more hope and optimism about their future,” she said.

Edita also shares what she has learned at ETS with friends and family who are eager to learn about theology. Without a regular income, the scholarship assistance made it possible for her to finish school and earn her degree. She looks forward to using her knowledge to continue helping the poor and needy.

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