Planting Seeds of Hope in Guatemala

My wife and I serve more than 300 in our community by working in youth ministry as part of the leadership team. In addition to preaching and leading team meetings, we are also in charge of the marriage ministry. One of the great joys of working in ministry with my wife is that I not only have the opportunity to preach to her and our community during services, but I also get to see my wife work with Sunday school teachers, training them and teaching kids.

We have witnessed how essential it is to share the knowledge acquired at SETECA. Through the classes we have taken, we have been able to more deeply and accurately serve the people of our church who want to learn more about God. More importantly, the knowledge I have acquired at SETECA has helped me in my spiritual life. It is from this growth that I can share the Word with others so they can be spiritually strengthened.

“The scholarship from Overseas Council has turned a great obstacle into a great opportunity to serve in His Kingdom.”