Oftentimes leaders of Majority World theological education programs can feel overmatched, having been appointed into their positions because someone had to step up and lead. Most leaders were trained in their academic disciplines as faculty members and have never led on this scale. They feel inadequate and overwhelmed by the demands of their roles. Imagine leading a seminary in the midst of emerging cultural issues like hunger, human trafficking, the dominance of Islam and war just to name a few. These men and women look around for help only to find that, truly, the buck stops with them. The reasons that leaders step down are many, but they ultimately boil down to the same things: little support, scarce guidance and few resources.

This ministry is built entirely around our Institutes for Excellence in Christian Leadership Development and our Regional Director network. By means of these tools, we provide much-needed resources for those who lead seminaries, colleges and organizations. Through investing considerable time and resources in the strengthening of institutions, we aim not only to build the capacity of the institutions but also build longevity into their leaders.