Major trends in theological education in Asia

  • There is a growing need and desire for lay leaders to be theologically trained. Seminaries must look at distance learning for the people in the pew, especially in rural areas. Dr. Ashish Chrispal, Regional Director for Asia
  • Asia is home to the three major world religions apart from Christianity – Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. It is also the heartland of other significant religions – Sikhism, Jainism, Daoism, Confucianism, Baha’i and Judaism. Vast differences in wealth, technology, language, religion and people groups exist in Asia. The wide variety makes it especially difficult to sow seeds in the region and a very significant challenge for world evangelization. Operation World
  • Church growth in Asia continues to be remarkable; for its sheer scale, for its unprecedented occurrence in previously unevangelized nations and regions and, in many areas, for how long it has been sustained. Some of the greatest growth in the past decade or two has been in China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam and, although unverifiable, North Korea. Operation World
  • China is in the midst of amazing changes. Christians now almost certainly exceed 100 million. The government recognizes the positive social impact that Christians can make and increasingly accepts the reality that the Church in China is there to stay and will play a major role in shaping the country’s future. Operation World
  • The recent growth of the Church has largely been through the work of national workers, local evangelists and ordinary believers. These churches are, more than ever, Asian in structure, style and leadership – taking forms relevant for those they are trying to reach. Beyond the continent itself, Asian Christian leadership is assuming a much greater role in the global body of Christ. This includes countries such as South Korea, China and India but also places such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Indonesia. Operation World


Ashish Chrispal, PhD, Regional Director for Asia

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