There is a hunger to know God in the Middle East and North Africa and we seek to increase the opportunities for God’s Word to equip emerging Christian leaders and to disciple Christian families and new believers. Through the collaboration of three ministries: Overseas Council, SAT-7 and the Middle East Association for Theological Education (MEATE), we are using multimedia technology to reach over 5 million households through satellite television and to equip hundreds more Christian leaders through online courses. Through the TEACH Project, Christian broadcast programs and online Biblical courses can be viewed from the privacy and safety of the individual’s home.

Please help us equip a region of the world that is desperate for God’s message of love, forgiveness and hope for the future. Momentum of interest is growing and the time is right for this program to impact the lives of thousands in the Middle East and North Africa. You can give to TEACH online at



  • 32 online courses are being developed by local theologians for people of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • Broadcast programming for the 32 courses is being produced by SAT-7, and is accessible to millions of homes in MENA through satellite dishes
  • Programs like Mission Impossible are available on satellite television and serve as a source for learning about Jesus and how to live as a Christian
  • Thousands of people from MENA are reviewing our course content at
  • Partner seminaries (eventually 18 schools) are launching online access to the courses and providing tutors to answer students’ questions and to guide them in their studies
  • Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) is leading the way in 2015, offering a Certificate in Ministry for completing courses online



Provide a Christian education that encourages:

  • Christian life in personal context
  • Building a godly home and family
  • Developing leadership and ministry skills
  • Impacting society under pressure
  • Knowing and using the Bible
  • Leading the Church




Please consider partnering with us to bring God’s light to the Middle East and North Africa – Give to TEACH today!