Odessa Graduate’s Faith Provides Hope in Uganda

Galina Matzak FrameMy friend Anna and I felt called to minister to the people of Africa. We teamed up together after graduation and moved to Uganda, one of the poorest countries in Africa. It has been an incredible, life-changing journey!

Although we share a mud hut with rats and have no running water or electricity, we are happy and content because we’re working for the Lord.

With donations to the Multiply Fund, many students like Galina now have the ability to turn their calling into kingdom multiplying opportunities. Through theological training and skilled application, pastors and Christian leaders around the world are now taking advantage of these opportunities to change the world.

On a daily basis, we are feeding, clothing, caring for and loving these little ones. Another malady that plagues our kids is malaria. During rainy season, we have contracted it, but the children who get it suffer even more.

Please pray for these children and for Anna and I to have strength to continue ministering to them and showing them Jesus’ love.

“After studying at Odessa Theological Seminary, I became a missionary in Africa. Since then, God has continually showed me that this is absolutely the best option for my life.”

Odessa Theological Seminary (OTS)  is a Baptist theological institution of higher learning that trains Christians to be effective missionaries. OTS is a strong believer in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. They strive to equip each student with the skills and knowledge necessary for evangelizing and winning souls for the Kingdom.

A group of the Ugandan children ministered to by Galina.
A group of Ugandan children ministered to by Galina.

OTS students, faculty, and staff are actively involved in serving their community. OTS’ 325 students participate in short-term mission trips, local church ministries and other outreach programs. Through a holistic theological approach, OTS is training pastors, evangelists, and Christian leaders for the awesome work of multiplying God’s Kingdom. 

OTS is in the process of creating a Center for Pastoral Research to enhance its master’s programs. The center will be equipped with the resources to help students write superb theses, publish high-quality scholarly articles and adequately prepare them for doctoral research. In an effort to continue expanding its educational offerings, OTS is working on a new Master’s in Christian Education program as well.

Thank you for helping OTS train Christian leaders for Kingdom work!