Namibian Minister Uses Music to Inspire Youth

Ever since Jerome Jansen was a young child he found himself frequently impersonating actions of a preacher. In his home country of Namibia, a country whose major religion is Christianity and has enjoyed stability since gaining independence from South Africa in 1990, Jerome recalls not exactly knowing what he was doing as he would preach out loud to an invisible audience, but he imagined his congregation rallying behind his inspirational words.

“I personally believe that all those years God was preparing me, even though I did not realize it,” shared Janson.

He became involved in ministry in 2003 in an effort to meet God’s calling with open arms, but it was not until 2012 that he saw that the best path for him to have the most impact for God’s Kingdom was through theological training. Though he was able to provide a positive presence for those he ministered to, his words and actions lacked a depth that he sought.Jerome Janson preaching Final

“I would often preach ideas based on what people went through in their lives. This training has helped me understand what the bible meant for its original readers. This helped me to think about sermons biblically and spiritually. I also now know that the Kingdom of God is about God and not about your personal feelings especially when it comes to preaching.”

Thanks to your continued support, the aspirations of those who seek to grow His kingdom are coming to fruition.

“Money for many of us at the school is a problem. This scholarship made it possible for me to gain more training in the concepts of preaching. I do not think of the money as the most important thing. Trusting God is. (Your donations) make things so much easier for us when it comes to the training we are getting. We need it to help us not worry about finances. Simply because we are often worried about our school work.”

Currently, Janson works as a member of the worship team in his home church and loves not only the opportunity he has to sing praises to God, but also how music can be used as a tool for over 300 of his community’s youth.

“I believe music is an important aspect in the church today. Young people love contemporary music and I need to learn how to sing contemporary so that we win them for Christ.”

Along with your continued support, Janson requests prayer for his future plans. “I don’t know what God has in store for me, but please pray that I will be obedient to go no matter where he sends me.  Also pray that the Lord will bless my wife.”