Ladan Courageously Endures Prison for Sharing the Bible


Courageously putting her own safety in jeopardy, Ladan has dedicated her life to sharing Christ with fellow Iranians. It was an honor to meet her in our Indianapolis headquarters last week. She is a graduate of Elam, our partner school training Christian leaders for the Church in Iran.

In Iran, it is illegal to pass out Bibles or share your faith. Less than 1 percent of the 77 million people of Iran have heard the story of Jesus and even fewer have ever seen a Bible. But Ladan longs to see the Word of God available to every Iranian. “It is very painful to think that most of the people of your country do not have the opportunity to know about Jesus.”

Watch her powerful story to see a glimpse of the courageous Iranian Church and the hunger of the Iranian people for the Word of God.


“When I think about them, I think about how thirsty and how hungry they are for this book, the Bible. If each of them had this book, I think they could change the whole world, not just Iran. The people of Iran are waiting for the truth, thirsting for the truth, and through His Word, their thirst can be quenched.”