Kennedy equips 12 Maasai pastors who impact over 1,000 church members in Kenya

Kennedy is a born again Christian. Ten years ago, he says he was called but refused. “I just didn’t see myself doing ministry. Someone told me, ‘I just couldn’t see you anywhere but the pulpit.’ I laughed inside. For seven years, I went to church and sat in the back, so I could get out quickly. Finally I was asked if I’d like to help at the church, so I said I’d usher. One morning in the early service, the pastor was late, and someone asked me to teach. Afterward, the church leaders asked me to get theological training in order to preach again in the future.”

Kennedy-2568_250 Trained.
Kennedy studied at Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya. He already had a degree in business management, so he inquired about a degree in theology.

Kennedy is thankful to God for His provision. He didn’t have the funds to get an education when he arrived but was able to complete his studies through various scholarships, including one from Overseas Council. He graduated in 2011 with his Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Studies.

Kennedy is passing on his theological training to other pastors who have none in order to help them have a deeper understanding of the Bible and Christianity as a whole. He trains pastors in the Kibera slums and Maasai churches (the Maasai are an ethnic group in Kenya). “The Maasai believe that men need to be very macho, so I had to help them see that Jesus was not weak on the cross but rather strong. He was also smart because He won in the end!” Kennedy says his training has helped in a number of ways in ministry, including showing other pastors how to teach the Bible in context and the power of forgiveness.

Kennedy says his story is an example of how investing in one leader impacts multitudes. The pastors he is training today will teach others in various churches tomorrow. By equipping a group of 12 pastors, he is reaching over 1,000 of their church members with the true Gospel message due to his training from AIU.

Kennedy also works at AIU as a project officer in fundraising. His wife passed away in December 2011; he is a single parent to their seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old son.