Jairo Ministers to an Unreached Tribal Group in Colombia

I was fortunate to be raised in a Christian home. Although I knew about God and was taught the Scriptures, I did not come to accept Jesus as my Savior until I was 18 years old. Once I understood the gift of salvation, my walk with the Lord became real.

Jairo from BSC
Jairo Rincón, student at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, assists another student in the computer lab

Shortly after accepting Christ, I met a missionary named Rick. We talked a lot about transcultural missions and the unreached people groups in Colombia. I was on fire to share the Good News with these people and decided to live among the unreached tribal group called JiW. Over the course of several months, I learned the language, the culture and began understanding their animistic world view. The JiW people’s belief system is heavily focused on witchcraft. They actually use satanic mediums to fight between families. I quickly realized my need for more biblical training in order to better serve my JiW friends.

Through much prayer, the Lord guided me to BSC for my theological education. I plan to graduate in 2018 and return to work among the JiW people. There is an immense need to translate the Bible into their tribal language and other tribal tongues throughout Colombia. After graduation, I specifically want to work to translate the Bible for the JiW people and to help them know my Friend and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know God wants to free them from their demons as much as I do.


“Thank the Lord for His love for the JiW community and for providing me with the necessary training to share Jesus with them!”

                                              – Jairo Rincón