Inspiring the Next Generation

Vibizono Chusi first came to Shalom Bible Seminary in 2010. It was there that she confirmed her calling. “My conviction to work with my own people among children became clear,” she says.  She graduated in 2013 with a Master of Divinity and has been busy ever since.

“Time flies!” she says. “I have completed 5 years at Baptist High, Kohima, a mission school in the state capital of Nagaland run by the Angami Baptist Church Council (ABCC), which consists of 1925 students and 85 teaching and non-teaching staff.”

Vibizono works as the students’ counselor, but tries to serve in every possible way.  “I take care of the morning chapel for Classes 4 to 7 on a regular basis. I take 19 classes in a week, and initiate teachers’ prayer fellowship once a week. I also take up discipleship classes twice a week. Every year I help organize a gospel camp for class of 10 students. I also shoulder the responsibility of organizing school events like Children’s Day and Cultural Day. I love my mission field! There is so much to be done and time is running out! I believe there is no greater opportunity than I have in this school at this moment.”

Many of the children Vibizono works with come from shattered homes and struggle with the issue of “trust.”  “It is always a big achievement,” she says, “when I earn the trust of a student and help them build healthy relationships.  This is where I step into their shoes and get to know them personally. This is the opportunity where I introduce Jesus to the non-Christians and help them in the formation of their spiritual life.”

Vibizono grew up in a Christian home, but her journey to faith wasn’t necessarily easy. “I will not deny the battle I had being brought up in this kind of home environment. Life took me to the edge of “questions and doubts”, but at the age of 12, I sensed the calling of God in my life. My commitment grew stronger as I matured. I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 14.” It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was also never boring.

Now she’s using her skills, desires and passion to have an eternal impact for His Kingdom, for which the Baptist High, Kohima staff are grateful. One school administrator said, “Vibizono is very zealous and goes all-out in her service for God’s kingdom work in this school. We thank God for her selfless service.”