Helping women help themselves – Living Out Compassion

India has more human need than any other nation
– largely by virtue of its massive population but also due to many areas of suffering that must be addressed through sustained action and prayer. Lower literacy and education rates are one such need for women.1 With Overseas Council’s Community Outreach funding, New Theological College (NTC) is reaching out to these women with two projects.

They are empowering 25-30 illiterate women through their Adult Literacy Program. The women are very receptive and active, having requested the program themselves. “[It encourages] the women for further development in their lives and also opens doors for reaching out to them with the Gospel,” NTC says. Once they are confident in their reading and writing abilities, NTC will help them partner with government agencies and other organizations, so they can use their skills to generate income. By becoming self-sufficient, their improved economic and social status will greatly impact their families. Overseas Council’s Community Outreach funding provided for teaching materials, a classroom and facilitator.

They are equipping 8-10 women in sewing skills through their Tailoring Center. “The women in this area are very interested in learning new skills and would like to earn a livelihood, so they can become financially secure and stand on their own two feet,” NTC says. The women desire to contribute to the economic and social improvement of their families and the community. The college hopes the Tailoring Center will be a means of blessing for the women and a place where they can come together to share ideas and interact. “It is our hope that through the village women, we would also be able to reach [each of their] homes and share the Gospel with [their families].” Overseas Council’s Community Outreach funding provided for five sewing machines, one interlock machine, supplies and a trainer.