God Called Khalil Out of Satanic Worship into the Ministry

Although I grew up in a Christian family, God wasn’t important to me. I started hanging out with some new friends who were into satanic worship and rituals.

Khalil Moussa, Bachelor of Theology student at Arab Bible Theological Seminary
Khalil Moussa, theology student at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

In 2008, a Christian friend invited me to visit his church’s youth group. One evening at the meetings, the pastor challenged us in a very unique way. He asked us to stand if we believed we would go to Heaven if we died. The question shook me to the core. I knew I was not a child of God.

That evening was a turning point for me. I prayed, ‘God, I have made the decision to follow you, but I don’t have the power to become more like You. Please help me to become more like You.’ Since then, I have felt God calling me to ministry. Shortly after my conversion, I started working with Syrian refugees. For two years, I visited them in their homes and studied the Bible with them.

I sensed the Lord wanting to spiritually grow me and my ministry, so I applied to Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS). I have tremendously grown in my walk with Jesus and in my understanding of the Bible. Throughout my schooling, I have continued visiting and studying with refugees. Some of them have even joined me in my ministry now!

Take Ahmad, a convicted criminal, drug addict and alcoholic. When I met him, he was terribly unhappy and very abusive toward his wife and three children. I felt impressed to visit with him and to form a friendship. For the first week, I did not mention Jesus. I simply listened to him and laughed with him. After the first week of regularly visiting together, Ahmad shared with me, “I see Jesus in your life and in your wife’s life. I want that too.” Ahmad is now serving with me in the men’s meetings and is studying with two families who are seeking the Truth. Praise the Lord! He works in mysterious ways.

After graduating this summer, my wife and I plan to continue building a ministry team among the Syrian refugees. Our ultimate goal is for our team to work with Middle Eastern Muslims in need of a Savior. Please pray that He will show us where we need to serve Him in the Middle East.

“As God has led us in the past, we know our future is in His hands.”

                                              – Khalil Moussa