We are thankful for our weekly morning staff meetings in which we gather to pray for one another and for this ministry. We are united in faith (that Jesus Christ is our Lord) and in purpose (equipping biblically trained leaders who multiply God’s Kingdom through lifetimes of ministry).

Thank you for joining our team in lifting up the following prayer requests:


  • Pray for greater attention to be paid to malaria and for greater action organized, like JMTC’s efforts, to eradicate it. Read the Story 


  • Pray for attitudes and practices in India’s society, especially toward those most vulnerable, might be changed to reflect God’s care for women, and that ministry would widen to other needy sections of the population. Read the Story


  • Pray that God’s Word would continue to resonate in prisons in Ukraine and beyond as people find Christ behind bars. Read the Story

Latin America:

  • Pray for godly leaders who will prioritize Haiti’s wellbeing and address the nation’s massive problems. Two centuries of misrule, tyranny and rampant corruption have immersed the country in hopelessness and despair. Read the Story

Middle East/North Africa:

  • Pray for the great need of trained pastors; many evangelical churches in Egypt have no trained pastor, and as the Church grows and faces great trials, solid leadership is essential. Read the Story

Please visit this page often as prayer requests are updated frequently.