A Celebration of Christ Moving in MENA

Overseas Council is thrilled to announce the graduation of six students from our Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region. The Program for Theological Education by Extension held the ceremony in Cairo, Egypt with great attendance from the community, as well as members of the Egypt National Committee. The awards that students can earn range from a 12 course Certificate of Theology to a 36 course Bachelors in Theology.

PTEE FrameA Bachelor of Theology award winner, Rasheek Saleeb, was thrilled to have completed his program and looks forward to the ability to have deep and lasting impact in his community.
“I learned a lot about the Bible in courses such as New and Old Testament survey, which made me understand how to study the Bible. It gave me insight on how to search for the text’s historical background. Also, it helped me to understand the context.

Saleeb was most excited about the chance to share the Word of God with others in a much deeper way. “Another course that inspired me is ‘Principles for Understanding the Bible Today.’ I learned how to have a dialogue with the text and how to apply it in our modern age. I became more understanding of what is written in the text–which made me minister in a different way than before–and this study made me not only a minister in the church, but in my home, my job and my surrounding community. I ask God to extend this program, and make me use all that I’ve studied for the glory of His name and to serve others.”

The story of Saleeb and his classmates, who have become trained in the Word of God and are now on their way to multiply His Kingdom, are a result of so many talented and brave teachers around the world who face adversity to share the Gospel. But they are also made possible by your generosity!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for these amazing Christian leaders!