Jhen Yang – Called to Love the Unloved


When I was a newborn baby, my parents adopted me. Because I had identity issues, I couldn’t feel completely at ease in accepting support and care from my adoptive parents. My upbringing experience made it hard for me to open my heart to others.

It was not until my college years when this identity issue was resolved with the help of a pastor. Due to his help and guidance, I acquired a new understanding of Christian beliefs and restored my relationship with my parents. This pastor was my mentor to the faith. He also helped me to get to know and accept myself, and most importantly, I met God and began to experience true faith.

Jhen Jyun Yang, Student at China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan, and his pastor
Jhen Jyun Yang, student at China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan, and his pastor

When I studied in university, I felt God’s calling to full-time ministry. While praying during my quiet time one day, the Lord told me, “This is what I want you to do: love people who can’t love, the ones who don’t feel loved.” I accepted this calling and started to serve, loving the people whom the Lord asked me to love. It was my hope that I could help more people through the lonely experiences I myself have experienced. I also wanted to witness to others that Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He is with us, and He is the only salvation.

During the one-year practicum I had in my church as a student pastor, I realized I needed more Scripture-based training. After talking with the pastors, I decided to come to China Evangelical Seminary (CES) in Taiwan for seminary training. The training I’ve had so far has expanded my vision of the Kingdom of God, the unlimited possibilities of the Lord’s work and what He wants us to do in this world. Plus the Scripture-based learning helps me understand and preach the Word of God well.

I am devoted to youth ministry at my church which is located near some high schools and universities. The establishment of our student ministry is to win these souls for God. It is our hope that someday they also will win souls for God. We have about 60 people in our youth ministry, and currently eight of them are trained to be leaders of cell (small) groups. We also have seven counselors to work with our youth ministry. I mainly serve students and devote most of my time to my student leaders.

I believe God wants to use my life experiences to affect them. When I walk with them, I realize that they have experienced trials similar to what I have experienced. When I am willing to let go and allow Him to use me to help young people, He pours blessings on them more than I could have imagined. God always accomplishes new things that surprise me.

Please pray for the future of our campus ministry, including my plans to design three-year discipleship ministry courses for our junior high, senior high and university believers as well as training more student leaders to have a heavenly influence on their peers.