And You Will Be My Witnesses

The Holy Spirit is on the move around the globe!  In Moldova, University Divitia Gratiae student Terzi Vitalii has already planted seeds within his community while planning to have an even greater global impact.

“Our team organized a camp for refugee children in Lebanon. We reached out to people in the community to help get the site prepared and the response was amazing. We even had children in the community drop what they were doing to help out,” said Vitalii. With more than one million refugees that have entered the country of Lebanon in the last year, local leaders there have been overwhelmed with obstacles during this crisis.

“One of the most amazing things that happened during that project was seeing responses from local people who wanted to know why we were doing this,” continued Vitalii. Assembling a great number of volunteers in an area known to show little tolerance for Christianity was the first challenge overcome by this young Christian leader, but his greatest accomplishment was just ahead.

“When they asked why we were involved in all of this work for people we did not know, we simply told them that we are sharing the love of Christ,” said Vitalii. “Upon hearing this the volunteers simply smiled, embraced us,  and continued to work side by side with us.” Growing up the son of missionaries had a major influence on Vitalii’s life. He not only wants to live up to the example set by his parents, but he also wants to respond to the commandment given in Acts 1:8 by expanding ministry work beyond his own community.

Vitalii continued, “My prayer request would be for the Lord to continue to bless our youth ministry so that I might utilize tools like this Bible to expand to countries like Japan. Here in Moldova, over 90% of the citizens are Christian. However, in countries like Japan where only 1% of the population practice Christianity, we have amazing opportunities to expand His Kingdom.”

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