Akila impacts the lives of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

I treasure being able to have a ministry among Syrian children in refugee camps here in Zahle, Lebanon, as part of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary’s (ABTS) compassionate care ministry. I always heard about the devastating conditions in which the refugees lived but never experienced what it was like. I am very encouraged to see all the children so responsive to our message. My husband and I have also been carrying out home visits and Bible studies with families. Our passion to work with the underprivileged was kindled several years ago.

Akila ministers to Syrian refugee children.
Akila ministers to Syrian refugee children

In 2010, my husband and I left our home country to serve at a discipleship school that prepares individuals for ministry among their people. I was able to serve with my degree as a physiotherapist at a center next to the school. In the afternoons, my husband and I would go out for street evangelism among Muslims.

Throughout our ministry, we felt the need for more knowledge of the Word of God. People around us encouraged us to study theology, and then God led us to ABTS in Lebanon. Coming to Lebanon took a lot of courage and faith, but God has provided for us. Our Overseas Council scholarship has made it possible for both my husband and me to be full-time students. I am in the Master of Divinity program, and my husband is pursuing his Bachelor of Theology degree.

I love to study the Word of God, and the more I get involved in ministry, the more I realize how I need to grow in knowledge of the Word. Studying theology has equipped me with practical tools such as how to prepare a Bible study. I consider these tools very important, since part of my current ministry involves carrying out Bible studies with young women.

In my home country, it is forbidden to share the Gospel with Muslims. God is teaching me everyday to be a living example of His love and faithfulness. I know His light will shine through me to reach others!

Please pray for my husband and me as we seek for God’s continued leading in our ministries. Please also pray for the Syrian refugees, the Muslims and others we are ministering to. Thank you!

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